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  • Satan5 Client

    The client is made to protect you, the consumer, from any unwanted leaks and detections. The client is an essential part of the cheat, as it needs to be the most secure against leakers and anti-cheat detections. That is why we pride ourselves to have one of the most advanced clients. 


    Your security is important to us, that is why unlike our competitors, who advertise unique builds but repack the client with third-party software like vmprotect and enigma. We do not, whatsoever, use any third-party software alongside our client. Instead, we use an independent state of the art security integration, which genuinely provides unique builds every fifteen minutes.  Our anti-leak system is designed to seek out any misuse and abuse of our client, including, but not limited to, debugging, botting or modding our client. As a result, our client will issue an automatic termination of your account.

    Our client saves following information from the user: 

    • Steam Account (Only Steam64ID) 
    • Computer Name
    • Windows Version
    • Motherboard manufacturer, product, serial number, version
    • Bios version, caption, manufacturer, serial number
    • Physical memory, manufacturer, partnumber, serial number
    • Processor name, manufacturer, processorid




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