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Bulgarianhacker's hacc review

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Hello o/ my review will be based on legit cheating, becuase im not that brave to use rage


Aimbot - 10/10, very smooth and balanced, perfect for legit playing

Triggerbot - 10/10, good accuracy, really fast and works combinated with backtrack, also the user can set delay and hitchance, best triggerbot for me

Skinchanger - 11/10, you can pick whathever skin you want, without getting any animation bugs

Legit antiaim - 10/10, sometimes i forget that i have a head.. 

Visuals - 10/10, perfect at all, you can edit the colors, chaims, what do you want to see, also i never met the usual flashing bug on that hack (it means automaticly changing the colors on guns for a second) 

Bunnyhop - 10/10, im usually playing without that, but i decide to test it on workshop map, it may sounds weird, but that bhop looks actually legit even when i hold space 😄

Chat spammer/clantag/name stealer, those wouldn't help you to beat enemies, but they can help you to make these enemies scared of you. 

Well, these are the options that i tried for now. i'd make a new review month later when i have more experience.

Anyway, at all that hack costs only 10$, but it have more and better options that other hacks at the same price. Also staff members are fast, friendly, and have lot of experience, so they can help us with every question about the hack. 

(special thanks to HAM, he was the guy, who showed me that hack ❤️

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