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The best cheat provider at a low price (CS:GO)

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Satan5 has by far one of the most legit recoil control system ive use in a while, and ive used alot of cheat providers, and aimbot doesn't even feel like its the aimbot working, it just feels like your a pro 😂 one of the most legit smooth aimbots ive used, a feature rich cheat without lacking security for a great price, that's hard to come by, while the cheat may not be made for HVH i find that its stands up just fine against other cheats, im going to just list my rating of the features compared against all the other cheats ive used.

1=Not good - 5=The best

Aimbot: 5 (Its not flicky, its very smooth and easy to configure for ANY weapon)

Features: 5 (There are few cheats with as many features as this one with such a great price)

Esp: 5 (So many esp features to choose from and none of them give me fps drops)

RCS: 5 Smoothest of them all

Security: So far it hasnt been detected, but theres cheats that havent been detected since 2015, from my experience this cheat has great security and like i will say again, you CANT beat their price on what they have to offer.

Support: 5 (Ive never had problems, but i have seen problems solved within a few minutes to and hour at the most, this is great, nobody wants to wait a couple days to not use somthing they paid for)

Overall, good work Satan team i will always be a returning customer.

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