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  • Welcome to Satan5.com

    Satan5 is a new cheat provider, with the idea of offering cheats for everyone with the best prices, quality and security. Each subscription includes at least the software with a simple GUI, good looking visuals and security for the respective anti-cheat. 

    The people behind this project have a lot of experience with coding cheats and running a cheating website. This will guarantee you the best experience using our cheats and support. We support following games at the moment:

    csgo cheats scum cheats

    About our security

    Most of our competitors advertise that everyone gets their own unique build, although they just repack the client with software like VMProtect or Enigma. All software security is developed from scratch by ourselves. We are not using any third-party applications to protect our software.

    For more information about our security please click here.


  • Anti-Cheat Support

    Security_Approved.png Valve Anti Cheat (VAC)

    Security_Approved.png Matchmaking

    Security_Approved.png EasyAntiCheat



Important Information

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