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  1. Glow is not stream proof.
  2. ViRTUS


    10€ PSC atm.
  3. Pay the invoice here: https://satan5.com/clients/orders/ After you paid you can directly download the loader: https://satan5.com/cheats/loader-download/ and follow the instructions.
  4. 1 & 2 https://satan5.com/cheats/loader-download/ There you can see the instruction and at the bottom you can see how you can reveal hidden options by right click on them. 3. Press the Insert button to open the menu. 4. First you need to close steam, run the launcher, press inject (launcher will close) then you can start steam and csgo. 5. Did 4 answered your question? 😄
  5. ViRTUS

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    Yes it would be cool to see also cheat visuals like chams or esp box when they are visible only. 😄
  6. ViRTUS


    Yes you did or who ever paid for you.
  7. ViRTUS


    It is because you made a chargeback.
  8. Pay the invoice here: https://satan5.com/clients/orders/ After you paid you can directly download the loader: https://satan5.com/cheats/loader-download/ and follow the instructions.
  9. No we don't charge every month. If you stop paying your subscription will run out automatically.
  10. ViRTUS


    EAC version is atm disabled for security reasons. We need to check if some features could cause a detection.
  11. General information: Satan5’s CS:GO cheat include customizable features through our custom GUI. Some of our features can reveal hidden options by right click on them, and this can consist of ESP box type or info position. Our CS:GO hack also includes a color manager to allow you to change any colors for any visual feature. You can use our software on all VAC Servers or with the EAC version on EAC protected leagues. You can stream with our cheat without making it visible for your spectator. Our software is very easy to use. No USB Stick or other things are required. System requirements: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit) & Windows 10 (64 bit). Feature list: Aimbot Activation Type (Always On, On Attack, On Key) Non-sticky Fov Precise fov Smooth Delay Autowall Autowall minimum damage Aimtime Slowaim factor Aim while flashed Aim through smoke Recoil Control System RCS Aimbot RCS Standalone RCS Skip pause RCS Factor RCS Pistols RCS Snipers Alternate RCS (Much more stronger). Backtrack Backtrack Only Backtrack Skeletons Backtrack Team Max backtrack-time Highlight target Autoshoot Draw Fov (2D FOV only) Multihitbox selection Silent Aim pSilent Draw aimspots Target Type (Enemies, Team, All) Target Selection (2D FOV, 3D FOV) Weapon Configs Ragebot (Will display rage features in the aimbot menu) Fakelag Antiaim yaw Antiaim pitch No recoil Quickstop Autoscope Prefer baim if in air Prefer baim if lethal Hitchance Triggerbot Activation Type (On Key, Always On) Target Type (Enemies, Team, All) Through Smoke Delay Hitchance Autowall Weapon Configs Visuals Activation Type Always On When dead On Key Enemy Only Box (Full, Corner) Name Health Healthbar Weapon Glow Glow Visible Only Highlight visible Visible only Aimline Flags Skeletons Ingame-radar Chams Players visible Players invisible Transculent players Normal Player Enemy Only World items visible World items invisible Transculent items Hands Normal None Glass Color Viewmodel Normal None Glass Color Disable Post-Processing Skybox changer Fullbright mode Minecraft mode Graay textures mode Nightmode Modulation scale World items Box Name C4 Info Glow Viewmodel Fov Player Fov Flash removal in percent No visual recoil (Off, No Shake, Remove All) Remove Scope overlay Dormant ESP Cheat Radar Radar style Radar scale Sound ESP Player ESP from sound Player ESP only from sound Defuse ESP Ammo/reload bar Head marker DLight Misc Bunnyhop Auto strafe Auto Accept Crouch exploit Edge-jump Thirdperson Toggle Key Distance Recoil crosshair Sniper crosshair Map Prediction Grenade Prediction In-Game inventory enabler Skinchanger Glove Changer Bypass sv_cheats Unlock hidden cvars Spectator list Clantag changer Name changer Hitmarker Purchased items event log Dump player stats (shows player rank & wins in console) Settings Settings Color Manager Save & Load multiple configs
  12. ViRTUS

    Full Review!

    Just walkbot is missing from r3 and chams are working great. I dont know which bug you mean with shadows but just create a thread in our bug section and we will fix that.
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