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  1. Nothing is 100% safe you have to decide yourself
  2. ViRTUS

    Release and VAC detections?

    We released July 8 2018 and so far we had no detections. 😄
  3. ViRTUS

    Not able to purchase with GiroPay?

    We dont support GiroPay but it should work via paypal or not?
  4. ViRTUS

    Day 1 review

    Nice make sure you dont watch through walls or something like that so you wont get ow ban.
  5. ViRTUS

    can i get a trial for a day??

    I am sorry we dont give out trials anymore.
  6. ViRTUS


    Where ever your client exe is located there is a folder called Counter Strike Global Offensive. Just drag the cfg file to that folder and it should be visible in the menu.
  7. ViRTUS

    Payed but not revived.

  8. ViRTUS

    Satan5 Promo Fragmovie (Need your help!)

    No only post demos if you used our cheat while doing the frags.
  9. ViRTUS


    I told you already via PM that I wont give any trials anymore 😄
  10. ViRTUS

    Broken RCS

    Tell me what exactly you dont like instead making a post like that so the devs can fix it.
  11. ViRTUS

    1x 1 Month CSGO sub givaway

    Lets have 2 winners one month goes on satan5 neck also 😄
  12. ViRTUS

    I wanna buy this cheat BUT

    Yeah only you can see the skin changer (like in every other cheat too) and yes we are currently undetected.
  13. ViRTUS


    Alright added trial you are the last one now 😄 We wont give any trials anymore.
  14. ViRTUS

    Can i have a trial?

    Added one day trial.

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