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  1. probably belated overwatch account. If VAC detects signatures, the ban is instant. Overwatch bans are delayed in fact of the huge amount of ow cases rn as pretty much everyone is spinning cuz of the free accounts. OW bans now become vac bans after some while, depending on what happened [VAC-Net detection] or submitted evident ow case.
  2. I decided to upload my Satan5 Intro and my Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper for the community to use. Feel free to use this when editing your video: Intro.mp4 and these: if you wish to have this or the following (animated) as your wallpapers etc. https://mega.nz/#!xRlmEAAC!v3BcHt15rWors89Wfnw1ahqUW-9xNJeMudw4t4aSwwc
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