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  1. tark

    i have paid still cant use

    If you pay with BTC, then it can takes up to 24hrs. Please be patient. I think you can use our cheat this afternoon.
  2. tark

    Payed but not revived.

    Please be patient. BTC must be activate manually.
  3. tark


  4. tark

    Broken RCS

    You own the cheat for 1 hour. Why you don't open a thread in the bug section, if something no work properly? For me the RCS works perfect.
  5. tark

    Can i have a trial?

    Have fun. #Closed.
  6. tark

    Can i have a trial?

    Two per months. For trial you can ask friendly @ViRTUS, if you was a r3 user.
  7. tark

    Review by Kinpix

    Thank you for your review.
  8. tark

    Help settings config

  9. tark

    8 Random Steam Keys

    Congratulation. I will send you the keys via private message.
  10. tark

    any free sub?

    No one said it 🙂 Have fun.
  11. tark

    any free sub?

    Maybe if you friendly ask @ViRTUS
  12. This can be help you.
  13. Yes, we have an agent/reseller in china. @NoobLN
  14. tark

    40 EUR Steam Game Giveaway

    Nice 🙂
  15. tark

    8 Random Steam Keys

    I give away eight random steam keys from a bundle. Like the post ( like boosting ) Write something unter the post End: 09.09.2018 16:00

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