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  1. koshaan

    Late Christmas Giveaway

    amazon card oof thanks brother
  2. koshaan

    5$ Steam card giveaway.

  3. koshaan

    Satan5 Promo Fragmovie (Need your help!)

    send me the demo of that awp kill, thats sick 😄
  4. koshaan

    Satan5 Promo Fragmovie (Need your help!)

    Jesus Christ i'm sorry, sounds like you've had a bad day. Let me explain why i thought you had recorded your own clips, and wanted to send them here. You said you said you had some nice plays, but you had not recorded them, so you would need to go through your demos. If you recorded them, it first off would be too old to find the demo, or your recording would not really help in finding the specific demo. That almost implies that if you had recorded your own clips, that you would send them here and not the demo. I dont see how a showcase of a clip would help you find the demo really. Besides, there is no finite deadline, but it would be nice to have within a month. I did not write a deadline, because there is not any. I can theoretically always add another clip on the end of the project at any time, until VIRTUS wants the video done, which he has not said when.
  5. koshaan

    Satan5 Promo Fragmovie (Need your help!)

    i dont want your recordings, only demos.
  6. Hello Satan5 users! Our staff team has decided to make a promo video for Satan5, and we need your help to make it! The video will be recorded and edited by me, but i am in need of demos to use in the video. There is a few requirements and things i am looking for: Must be using Satan5 All kills should be within a few seconds of each other (Preferably all kills within a few seconds) At least 3 kills, unless it is an insane clip Preferably AWP/Rifle clips Demo must be posted with round number and player name, and a brief description of the clip So what do you get by contributing towards this promotional video? Your name will of course be in the video (Unless you want to hide the name, in case just let me know), and everyone who contributes with a clip that will be used, will get a couple days added to their subscription. Furthermore everyone will see your insane skills, and be wishing they were owning Satan5 like you do! I hope you all would want to do the entire community a service, and provide some nice clips to use in this promotional video (Think of it as a video like from Sparkles) 🙂 If you are unsure of how to get a demo, check this guide here: https://pkrhosting.co.uk/knowledgebase/24/How-to-Download-Your-Matchmaking-Demos-CSGO.html
  7. koshaan

    8 Random Steam Keys

    stupid tark
  8. koshaan

    40 EUR Steam Game Giveaway

  9. koshaan

    2x 5$ Steam Card giveaway

    entering thanks 🙂
  10. koshaan

    2x Fresh CS Accounts giveaway

  11. koshaan

    2x Sub + CS Acc giveaway

    same here : )
  12. koshaan

    3x 5$ Steam giftcard Giveaway

    Congrats to the winners 🙂 Closed per request
  13. koshaan

    3x 5$ Steam giftcard Giveaway

    Giveaways 🙂
  14. koshaan

    1x CSGO key Giveaway

    For doing these

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