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  1. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sins-of-a-solar-empire-rebellion
  2. mrtrademaster

    The best provider for me =)

    Thanks for the review
  3. mrtrademaster

    5$ Steam card giveaway.

  4. mrtrademaster

    Server sided anti-cheats

    Not officially but its most likely UD on SMAC servers, except for a few features like 180 fov, maybe auto bhop/auto stafe.
  5. mrtrademaster

    Server sided anti-cheats

    Hey, Sorry I didnt see your message. Here is the current anti-cheats we support Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) Matchmaking EasyAntiCheat
  6. mrtrademaster


    Thanks for your review.
  7. mrtrademaster

    [Free Game] Murderous Pursuits

    This game is free for 3 days. Once you get it you get to keep it forever. https://store.steampowered.com/app/638070/Murderous_Pursuits/
  8. U have a small penis
  9. I'm looking at your account and it seems like it was overwatch banned.. You can see the types of bans and what they mean here:
  10. mrtrademaster

    Satan5 Promo Fragmovie (Need your help!)

    you can use anything, just send the download match link after. not record a demo
  11. mrtrademaster

    satan5 vs LegacyAim?

    I'm glad you like it, you should try writing something in the https://satan5.com/forums/forum/9-testimonial/
  12. mrtrademaster

    Broken RCS

    The RCS should be "fixed". Check "Alternate RCS" and set your strength to 100%
  13. mrtrademaster

    1x 1 Month CSGO sub givaway

    What if you already have lifetime... Can I get your nudes instead.
  14. mrtrademaster

    SATAN5 CSGO Review

    Thanks for the review.
  15. mrtrademaster

    Trial Query

    no, sorry. It already really cheap.

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