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  1. yes, uncheck "allow capture"
  2. Depends if there are bugs that have to be fixed or not. Hopefully, but @Sen66 doesn't want to make it a fully hvh cheet I don't think so. If you don't know what it is, then you wouldn't need to buy it.
  3. You need to be an active customer to receive the 7 day promotion.
  4. The connection from the client is secured and encrypted. All the information you see in the control panel is standard information any cheat provider will save with or without your knowledge. Here we chose to show you what information we are taking from our customers to be as transparent as possible. Your Hardware information is bound to one account and one account only. No one else other than the staff members at Satan5, will be able to see any information regarding your Hardware. Any detections from your anti-virus is a false positive.
  5. Slots are full and we are testing as well at the moment.
  6. Yes Same way you downloaded
  7. No, we only support VAC, MM and EAC
  8. I believe that if you change the name of your config to default.cfg then on launch it should activate that config. You can turn off the event log in the misc settings tab. Thanks for the review.
  9. I saw a similar post on reddit too, regarding the mass amount of VAC bans in the last quarter of 2018. I believe this is pure and utter bullshit. There is no major VAC waves currently happening. The reason there are high ban rates is because people are using detected cheats and VAC delay bans just like any other Anti-Cheat. The VAC delay bans are just grouping the people together before banning them which makes it look like a VAC wave but it is just people using free detected CS:GO cheats. Bans taken off steamDB, I believe don't just account for the CS:GO VAC and Game bans. They also have bans from PUBG, Rust, etc. (Any game that has a third party AC (Battleye, EAC) or VAC (CoD franchise, Dota 2, DayZ))
  10. If you setup your settings properly, no. We won't Clara you.
  11. No, the in-game radar feature is not stream proof as it is build into the game itself.
  12. If you become a customer, we have a markey place with a lot of people selling prime account really cheap.
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