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  1. Yes, i've tried, the more i do the better the result. Thanks for the feedback. Edit: 3D aimbot, 0 smooth, 0.2 fov. Note that my settings won't necesarely work for your playstyle. Cheers! Edit2: @SnazzyMan check the video now, should be better for your headache.
  2. 🤗 Also, if you want to use the video as a short promo, i'll upload it so you can put it in your official channel (if there's one)
  3. I decided that this "skill" requires an propper review. I'll try to make it short but not to miss anything related to it. First thing i've noticed is that Chams has no impact on my fps, which is great. Esp is clean, readable and very customizable, and i'm not saying about choosing color, it's about choosing the position of the text aswell In future, i'd like to have chams streamable aswell, but isn't urgent. Too op for me, yet perfect at the settings i'm using atm. After testing lots of scenarios and hours spend into setting it up editing the config file to get the perfect settings for my playstyle/reaction. I find the recoil crosshair and sniper crosshair helpful, and i don't really need to use RCS anymore. I'd like to see implemented, the feature i want so much: Staff is one of the best you can find in the cheating community. They are friendly and helpful, i'm glad that i got into an non-toxic community. In future i wish to help the community and this project, for now, here is a sign of gratitude: Kinpix
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