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  1. i have a lot of work to do irl, but i can try, sure.
  2. floW_cs

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    I am sorry but I personally dont want to look at the whole video, I am bored. I dont like the playstyle and crosshair placement, feels to me like I am watching a demo from a player ranked in silver. But keep going it will get only better.
  3. @H4X3R gratz u won, random.org picked number 5 which is you. https://ctrlv.cz/MokD +u did react and comment so everything ok. https://ctrlv.cz/18VF https://ctrlv.cz/SAyI Contact me through PM so we can get this done. Thx to everyone for joining my giveaway, gonna do something similar soon. ❤️ *LOCK*
  4. This is a unofficial giveaway. You are clicking on links / following steps on your own risk.
  5. Appreciate your indepth review, thx for it and enjoy the cheat.
  6. GIVEAWAY ALREADY HAS ITS WINNER. Suh my dudes, since i cant actually sell it somehow, imma give it away. just like my post & comment what u want i will draw the giveaway when there is 30+ ppl joined. PROOF:
  7. dont really care what im gonna get i just dont want the sub cause like .. u know 😄 15€ itunes for my gf or the amazon gift card for me . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. floW_cs

    Trailer for satan5

    I actually like the red edges + that its little bit colored to red, and the transition between scenes is good too.
  9. floW_cs


    Thx for the review, enjoy the cheat.
  10. Good luck with your project. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kj582pcb3cc75y9/trc.rar/file
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