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  1. https://mega.nz/#!uVhBhSaK!3AejbQl0E-QpQfJ733MgAGO2TihRQ2fwnqxkdTpUCi0 all demo is insane playername: sensation
  2. http://replay133.valve.net/730/003304615766745153549_0163002326.dem.bz2 playername: sensation round 6: ace 3 kills awp 2 kills deag round 12: 1v5 clutch awp round 13: 1 180 kill and 1 nice one deag round 17: 3k with m4 round 19: ace 3k mid and 2 later round 21: 3k mid awp and 1 no scope my cfg is attached 😉 defaultesp.cfg
  3. huraken

    Legit Clips

    here is a awesome round on cobblestone http://xup.in/dl,43286883
  4. huraken

    Legit Clips

    http://xup.in/dl,19940988 hf sry 4 the late reply didnt saw it ^^
  5. huraken

    Legit Clips

    Hey here are some Legit clips from my Games yesterday My CFG
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