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  1. b00st_g0d

    To all you numbnuts....

    Not sure who went back and censored posts but thank you.
  2. b00st_g0d

    To all you numbnuts....

    If you have a support issue with a loader that is clearly disguised as another loader don't come in here and blast the name all over the forum! This defeats the entire purpose of keeping this out of mainstream. Use your head for something more than a ________(insert vice) processor.
  3. b00st_g0d

    All I can say is WOW!

    I'm an old dude and I'm pretty good at FPS. I've been around gaming since 1999 and have a lot of playing time. I knew something was weird lately in my latest "favorite." I'm not much into having an advantage but I'm perfectly fine with leveling the playing field. LOL, it's funny to see drastic downturn in your playing style/ stats and wonder WTF!? Now I can actually see who is/was using what I am and it's pretty damn cool. Works better than I expected, glad I came. Thanks!

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