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  1. neoxlgt

    Trailer for satan5

    Agree with this, please don't do this kind of slowmotion, just do a simple video with some effects and that will be enough, don't try to do too complicated 🙂
  2. neoxlgt

    few kills [1]

    I have take your settings but i have done some ajustement for me, aim always on, smooth 100%, neck+head added, if i loose i reduce smooth to max 70% and i active in game radar. Otherwise all others stuff is yours 🙂
  3. neoxlgt

    few kills [1]

    ge rank playing like silver https://streamable.com/3xfl5
  4. Go in config section and take one, you can set up yourself ..
  5. neoxlgt

    Simple Frag Video

    Thanks for your comment, if you have a good video editor for free without watermark please suggest me and i will do the effort to make it better. Camtasia is actually the best i've used before but i can't afford his price and i can't crack any software for personal reasons. Thanks again.
  6. neoxlgt

    Simple Frag Video

    Aim always on, 5 fov 70% smooth, backtrack when i'm loosing, global elite rank No music, no edit, simple video about the cheat https://streamable.com/wooyf
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