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  1. Hello, as the thread tells you, I wanna know how did you find out about Satan5? So here is how I found out about Satan5. I'm an old R3 Cheat User, @ViRTUS and @Sen66 have proven their competence with their public presence. At least I saw the Thread about Satan5 on High-Minded. That's why I'm here now *PS* Sorry for my broken english *PS* Sorry for tagging you 2 again
  2. Here is my little Review of the Satan 5 Hack. 666 Aimbot (10/10) : The most legit looking Aimbot if ever seen. I used many legit hacks so far and i can tell, that i never experienced an aimbot that looks so legit! It's easy to create legit looking aimbot settings, just by using the precise fov feature! Triggerbot (8/10) : There is nothing much to say about the triggerbot feature. It works like it should and is good customisable by the hitchance and delay settings. There could be more settings, like burst and stuff, but im pretty sure it will be added one day. Visuals (9/10) The chams are fcking sexy! I love the chams, I never used chams on another hack so far, but this hack made me loving them! The best visual feature about this hack, is the player esp sound. I love using it to keep my gameplay really legit with using, only visble players togther with player esp sound. Other/Misc/Skinchanger (9,5/10) Could be some more stuff here, but overall a good complete package. Gloves missing on the skinchanger, but that doesnt matter at all. The item was good and first-rate! Packaging was fantastic. First-class delivery. *PS* Sorry for my broke english.
  3. Nutze eine aber nur eine Allgemeine Config, keine Weapon Settings, da sie bei mir nicht richtig geladen werden PS: klatsche die gleich auch in den Config Thread Noconfigs.cfg
  4. Hier ein kleines Legit Gameplay zum Editieren, gönniert euch. Here's a little Legit Gameplay, feel free to use it for your edit. InF3r0 zusehen und enjoyen Watch player InF3r0 Yt Preview (sorry for Bad Quality): Nice ScenesRunde/Round 3Runde/Round 11Runde/Round 14collaterals Runde/Round 4 & Runde/Round265k USP Clutch Runde/Round 16xKrassen downloads (same file) :match730_003287991900404973628_0371544506_195.dem File-uploadmatch730_003287991900404973628_0371544506_195.dem Zippy
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