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  1. Well your first problem is that you don't own the cheat. Anyway under misc if i remember correct there something called allow capture. When its disable things like OBS will not be able to see the cheat.
  2. EAC is a anti-cheat that's been made for multiple games. Some servers or leagues uses EAC and requires it to play on them. The EAC bypasses the Anti-cheat as well as vac. The normal $10 version only bypasses vac.
  3. You can afford cheats for paid games but not a VPN?
  4. kevinf100

    Legit Anti-Aim

    https://imgur.com/oiEOEvl https://imgur.com/GSI18y5 https://imgur.com/MbcxqHH
  5. Virtus use to own R3 and I think sen use to work for them. Black sector is basically satan's sister site.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nvidia_G-Sync TLDR
  7. Honestly never look at just the brand. Its just finding the right one. If you find one your interested in, google it. Company's will have a rep for how often they make good monitors but sometimes they will release a shit one. Look for a 120-144HZ, its worth it if you have an 1080TI. Gsync would be a nice addon but don't look for it since it will cost an extra 100. You can also push for 1440P no problem if you want with that GPU. Just make sure you max most games because you will want a GPU bottleneck with that I5.
  8. Look for 120HZ and stalk that sub. You shouldn't be going cheap with a good GPU like that. You will be getting high frames and the 120HZ will be used to it's full potential. If you really don't want to spend $150 - $300 (or what ever tender you use) go on ebay. You can get a Gsync one as well but that will cost an extra $100.
  9. Look around https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/search?q=monitor&sort=new&restrict_sr=on&feature=legacy_search Also what is your GPU and CPU. As well what screen resolution are looking for?
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