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  1. So, to start this off, here's some information about me. I haven't really played this game seriously in almost 2 years. Playing legit, I was global already but cheating adds quite a lot of nice features such as skinchanger and FOV changer. Now I commit most of my time towards Overwatch, and I don't really have the time to be at that level again. If I was to say honestly, right now playing fully legit I'm around LE/LEM level. And quickly just to clarify, I only really care about legit features, although I've played a lot of HvH I'm not experienced enough with the current state of it and don't have much interest in it, so I'll be leaving HvH stuff out of the review (Including from the cheat list below). I've used MANY different cheats in the past. These cheats being (in no particular order): Interwebz Hexui Legitex Inuria Unity Rogue.rip (I'll always miss you <3) Legacyaim fruxocheats Leaguemode Platinumcheats Singularity (briefly tried it out recently) 1tapcheats (Was a private league cheat made for ESEA, not talking about what I believe is a hvh cheat that's been gaining some traction recently) 2 other cheat projects from the same developers of 1tapcheats Beta project from the developer of rogue.rip Probably a few more, will add them if I remember them. Anyways, time to get on the with review. Website & Control Panel (8/10) I really like the design of the site. Nice and clean, everything important is quite easy to access. However, the site could REALLY use a dark theme. My eyes are killing me. Buying the cheat is quite easy, however one feature I'd really like to see is a gifting option. To buy my friend a subscription I had to log in to his account and buy it for him that way. Menus / Cheat UI Stuff (9.5/10) Again, a dark theme would be really nice for the cheat menus. Otherwise, this is probably one of the straight up nicest cheat menus I've ever seen. It's very clean and easy to read unlike MANY other cheats that go for a super edgy "gamer" look to them. One nice thing to add would be, for if you forget to close steam, I think the loader should kill the steam process when you open the loader, rather than when you try to inject. (Legit) Aimbot (8/10) The aimbot is great. Everything works really nicely, except for RCS (which I don't really use anyways so it's not a big deal to me), which is quite buggy. The strength % sliders are kind of useless in the way that, there's a massive difference between like 90% and 100%. It's as if using anything that's not 100% is just 10% recoil compensation, if that makes sense. Also just general weirdness when it comes to standalone RCS and aimbot being used together. Backtrack is GREAT, really fun feature that I've experienced for the first time with this cheat. There's not really anything I feel like is missing when it comes to the aimbot tab. Triggerbot (7/10) The triggerbot works mostly really well. My only issues with it are that I believe the delay should work as "Shoot Xms after triggerbot has 'seen' an enemy, even if there is no enemy under the crosshair anymore", whereas right now it's "Once triggerbot has 'seen' an enemy, start a timer of Xms, and after Xms the triggerbot can actually shoot when it 'sees' an enemy". This means that if you use a somewhat high triggerbot delay, if you quickly flick over an enemy it just won't shoot, which looks really weird to anyone spectating (or doing an OW case). The other issue (more of a personal thing) is that I feel like the smoke visibility check is too sensitive, as in I feel like the radius of vischeck that smokes block is a bit too big. (Sometimes there will be an enemy on the very edge of a smoke, and you can see like 90% of them but the trigger won't activate, which can look a bit awkward sometimes too. I've learned to play around this quite quickly though) Visuals (9/10) Visuals look great. Really nice and clean. They are visually very easy to read, and have very little clutter or useless stuff that just takes up screen space. I absolutely love the skybox changer. Glow visible only doesn't work I believe, maybe I'm doing something wrong. There's a few things I feel like should be added but there's a suggestions section at the bottom of the review, they'll be there. Would like to see individual ESP options being more configurable, such as being able to have Box ESP only on death, and bomb ESP being always enabled. Misc (10/10) I have absolutely nothing to complain about here. Everything works perfectly except thirdperson (which toggles off every time you die, a bit annoying for HvH but I don't care about HvH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) It's pretty rare that you see a p2c with the option for custom clantags, it's really nice to see. Edgejump is amazing if you have decent movement, and want to be able to make "skilljumps" almost 100% of the time just as the mirage window to short jump (not window to ladder). Skinchanger (9/10) Working perfectly. "Special" knives such as falchion and shadow daggers have fixed animations (and I remember most cheats not having them fixed). One thing that's lacking is a nametag option, otherwise it's very solid. There's not much to say, it's a skinchanger. Colour Options (9/10) Works beautifully. Would like to see some menu customization options here. Only annoyance is that you need to press enter every time you input a custom RGBA value. Configs / Weapon Configs (7/10) Missing one thing, which is being able to rename configs within the cheat UI itself. Otherwise works great. My main issue is how annoying weapon configs are to set up, as every time you edit a weapon or category you need to come to the settings menu and save config, otherwise you lose your changes (and as someone who spends a LOT of time configuring his cheats, this can be REALLY annoying) Performance (7/10) So, the cheat itself runs REALLY good compared to most cheats I've used. However, I've had a lot of issues with crashes at the start (which I believe was related to my config, or the crashes got fixed, not 100% sure). Current main issue is that I get really strange lagspikes quite often where everything just seems to freeze up (and I believe they're related to backtrack?) and it's put me in a few awkward situations before (although surprisingly hasn't gotten me killed yet). Me and my friend both had these lagspikes completely synched up, and were really bad at one point and I believe had something to do with nades being thrown. Our friend who wasn't cheating didn't experience any lag. Also (very rarely) CS:GO will just crash to desktop when loading into a map, again, this crash is always synced up between me and my friend, while our legit friend doesn't experience these crashes, so it's definitely something to do with the cheat. Overall (9/10) The pricing and just how nice the cheat looks and works and everything, is just amazing. Pricing is great, especially with the detection record and just how premium the cheat feels. There's a couple minor annoyances and one big annoyance which is just the lagspikes I mentioned above. Overall, this is a great cheat and I'd really like to see how the cheat is in a few months. Suggestions (In order of my most wanted to least) Nadehelper/Spotmarker Defuse kit ESP (When you're on CT side and don't have one) Menu Dark Theme Backtrack Chams Step ESP Weapon nametag changer Cham Alpha Values (Transparency) Wireframe models (hands/players) Engine sniper/recoil crosshair (instead of it being a cheat rendered crosshair, it will use your actual CS:GO crosshair for these features. I know it's possible since a few cheats I've used had these) RCS Smooth Thank you for reading my review. I wrote this quite early in the morning, so let me know if there's any mistakes. I legit spent almost 2 hours writing this. Also, I'll try to keep the review updated as the cheat gets updated. If you found this review helpful please like the post. Again, thank you for reading my review.
  2. How do you have it hiding the skins? For me it hid everything except FOV changer, skins and skybox changer.
  3. amazon or satan5 sub, have a good new year!
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