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  1. Gives me LOLYOU / phoon vibes, especially with the voice reaction at 0:38. Good job and thank your for your media. I've added 5 days to your subscription.
  2. Okey, now let us summarize. 1. MantaRochen + brinkz 2. Nitrix 3. CaptainJack 4. Sen However, that's not the point of this thread. Thank you for your really in-depth review. I hope @ViRTUS already gave you the 10 days he promised.
  3. ShynoX

    Need a new monitor

    I got this one: https://www.amazon.de/ASUS-Monitor-Reaktionszeit-DisplayPort-Schwarz/dp/B01I3KMEAC its gud
  4. Lasst den guten Sen und sein Hamsterrad namens AMD Phenom in Ruhe :^)
  5. We will extend our forums regarding support and instructions as soon our cheat is ready for sale. Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
  6. ShynoX

    Donation System

    Dear Users, We would like to introduce our donation system. Since our Moderator Team works completely unsalaried for Satan5 we would like to give them the possibility to earn a little bit of money too. All donations will be split fairly between the Moderator team, so it's in your choice whether the Satan5 Support will be as good as you hope it to be. For sure we want you guys to receive something back for donating to our Support Team. Every Donator will receive: A Custom "Donator Tag" Signature slot Unlimited Name Changes Prioritized Support Prioritized HWID Requests Access to the Donator-Only Areas The opportunity to win Donator-Only Giveaways You can donate here By donating you are not only helping yourself with these new perks, but you will also help other users of Satan5. Once we reach our goal of 100€ we will have a free weekend which means for the two days of the weekend we will allow other users to test our cheat. During that time your sub will be paused and two days will be added back. Regards, The Satan5 Staff Team
  7. ShynoX

    Donation System

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