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  1. flwr

    Griefing Bans r Fun

    It is going wonderfully. This cheat in BR is making wonders, 1st place every game.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/uberwintern/
  3. flwr

    Griefing Bans r Fun

    4 more days until unban, how lovely ❤️ && Fresh account my dude, my legit config doeswonders 😉
  4. 12 more days until I can actually play CS again, how enjoyable ❤️ Still makes me giggle that Satan5 made overwatch instigators think I'm griefing rather than cheating even though top frag ❤️ Love y'all❤️
  5. Enjoy your first +1 rep, it's nice seeing someone who's had issues with the cheat and didn't complain in the review and such like that ❤️
  6. Sure dude. I'll put the demos up tomorrow when I'm free. ❤️
  7. All these clips are kills I got using Satan5 using my config in the config section if you wanna try it. ❤️
  8. I used ViRTUS' OW Config and modified it to my own liking, made it a lot more legit and it's actually really comfortable to use. Now I'm on a casual 5 week break from CS now I'm on a griefing ban lol. Still, drop 40 kills but get done for griefing, god damn Overwatch can't catch Satan5 :^)
  9. This cheat is literally so legit, I'm using 5fov and 70% RCS, and they thought I was griefing, not cheating. That's how good this cheat is. If that's not a testimonial, I don't know what is. This is a beautiful cheat and I'm laughing so hard they didn't see the 200ms, 4fov aimbot on Deagle, but they thought instead, yup, griefing. More than 1 person LOL. I love you guys, hahahahaha.
  10. flwr

    Full Review!

    Thank you <3 Hope you liked the review ❤️
  11. flwr

    Full Review!

    So, prior to purchasing this cheat, I was just using some external I made which managed to do good to get me to MG, but obviously the higher you get, the more difficult games will become. Thankfully, I was able to purchase this with PayPal despite my account being terminated for sketchy transactions. I always buy 1 month of a cheat to check if it's worth it, and if it is, I'll purchase 3 months or more since you always save money that way. That's not the case for Satan5. I heard about this cheat from i0u, I forgot to make him my referrer to this cheat, so whoops. (Sorry i0u <3) but with his judgment, I straight up bought 3 months of this cheat without a second thought and I have no regrets whatsoever. Onto the review. 1. It's a legit cheat, use it that way! I used to rage constantly, legit hacking wasn't so interesting to me anymore so raging was enjoyable at the time, then they introduced VACNet and all new upgrades and different ways to detect stuff with VAC (as we found out with the VMT fiasco) and that brought me back to legit cheating because I always love these little changes they make and then getting away with cheating as if these changes weren't even made. The recent changes and waves have made people feel uneasy about cheating on main accounts or anything, and granted, you always will take a risk of being banned if you cheat - however, this cheats security from what I see so far, and what I predict in the future ahead, it has a lot going for it, the coders and staff know exactly what they're doing and are from what I can tell, insanely aware of the changes that are made just hours after they're made and already found a way around these changes. A cheat with actual intelligent staff is something you don't see too often. 2. SoundESP, how glorious. Now, something you don't see very often in a cheat is Sound ESP. I only know around 1, maybe 2 providers which have that within their cheat. If I legit cheat, I will go as close to legit as I can, low FOV, sometimes backtrack if I think they're cheating, Chams Vis Only, and Sound ESP is just beautiful in this case. It improves your sound awareness as well, so if you decide: "hey, i don't wanna cheat." I mean, congratulations for one, cheating is insanely fun. However, with Sound ESP, and using it, you'll already be pretty aware of sounds and where to expect them from, and it gives you a pretty solid advantage as a learning step. 3. Aimbot, and all other things. Alright, so - we've seen videos (the majority of us.) and we've used it ourselves. The aimbot is VERY comfortable to use. As well as the RCS on top of it, when you find that right setting, you can drop literally 40 kills with ease and have it look legit. That's how lovely this cheat is. It's simple to configure anyway, but even if any issues, there's configs already here which are perfect as long as you make little adjustments for it to suit your needs. 4. Menu. Okay, so I've seen my fair share of menus. Mainly in the past, I've cooled down a little from excessively buying cheats every month, but this cheat, I personally think, has the nicest looking menu. It's clean, simple, but at the same time it's easy on the eyes, and I actually adore it. I mean, the menu matters in a cheat because it's gotta be pretty. The loading 'Death Is Imminent' in the top left corner when you start the game too, that's spicy. 5. Security! Straight up, this cheat shows off its security as soon as you go on the website. It's great to be confident about something for sure, however, not many other cheats will show you proof of their security, as well as the client logs which show your errors and in the future, show solutions (I noticed, that is a beautiful thing I've found.) and have intelligent staff which know what they're talking about ready to support you if needed. I have high hopes in this cheats security, and I think it'll do better than the majority of P2C's as time passes. 6. Everything else! Now, just opening the cheat and injecting, I'm sure you've likely used other cheats and looked around, found the same features on everything nearly. I've used pretty much all of the mainstream cheats as far as I know, from as little as 1 month to 2 years with some, on and off. This cheat as of now though is my new top cheat, it offers so many various features despite only being a legit cheat, I understand that there are some things missing, but I'd say they're making up for that with other features in place like Sound ESP, and even streamproof visuals. (I didn't even know this until recently. However, if you want Streamproofing, it doesn't work for Chams. Only the things you'd expect, box, health, name etc.) More beautiful things to adore about this cheat is how simple it is to configure. They're continuously working on new things, taking features and suggestions, and listening to the community. Some of the nicest staff I've seen on a cheat in a very long time. I know some people say that they can't get the cheat to look legit or things like that, however, I'm playing rather aggressively without an issue, and I only get called out once every 8 games or so on average. There are configs straight up for you to download and try, and this is beyond user-friendly. Conclusion: This is a beautiful cheat. it has plenty of features, visual options, aim options, and features in general to be a full cheat, it has a beautiful unique menu - and security that very likely outclasses the majority. I'd honestly recommend this to the majority of people who cheat, and if you're thinking about purchasing - I suggest you do. I straight up bought 3 months, and I have no regrets. This cheat will likely outclass the majority as they progress on it, and I have a lot of faith in the staff for Satan5.
  12. I've only used one other P2C alongside Satan5 which is what confuses me - the other cheat as far as I'm aware, not using VMT hooking since they changed from that before the waves even happened due to an old scare which made them change. Satan5 is definitely fine though, my friend's account is safe.
  13. So, if people are getting spooked by this, I think Satan5 is fine. However, the majority are confirming it's just delayed bans from VMT and such, and predicted there'd be a 'wave' when Panorama kicked in fully. This is still speculation, obviously, but if you've only used Satan5's Nightmare, you're fine from this and have nothing to worry about if this is actually just the VMT. If you got banned, and have a new account, delete your old banned accounts userdata. I'm unsure if the module is fully being streamed to everyone now (it supposedly is but there's no proof until a bunch of people use IDA and check) but even still, deleting old userdata has been proven to help I hope this was a little helpful at least, and with points I wasn't too sure about, I did add that it's speculation at best and nobody is completely sure. I'd presume wait for admins and staff to say something since Sen66 and others have a great idea on this kinda stuff.
  14. I'm good friends with i0u, who was big boy staff at R3, and i0u is a cutie who knows good cheats. I usually purchase 1 month of a cheat to test, but straight up bought 3 months of this because I trust his judgment of a good cheat, and I have no regrets at all ❤️
  15. Go to checkout with PayPal and you can just enter card details without needing an account. It's how I purchased 3 months since my PayPal account got terminated.
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