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  1. faer

    Trailer for satan5

    Was actually pretty good, but the slowdown at the end with the music slowing down aswell is supergay. Slowdown okay, but pls dont slow down the music!
  2. As someone who lost 2 Mains because the hack i used got detected (Not Satan5) I can only tell you that its not worth. Make a new account, make it look legit, basically your second main. No Matter how legit you are, at one point, you will be banned. The last overwatch i got in csgo was in 2014, since then i got banned multiple times, because the hack i used at that time got detected. Since theres always at any given time the risk that the cheat is detected (no hack is undetectable) I would say its not worth it in the long run. You will build up your Main, and at one point you will lose everything, basically like gambling, and i can tell you from experience, the low will hit you more than the high.
  3. 1. This isnt what i asked for. 2. Then learn to read properly please, i said i have good clips but never recorded them so i'd have to go trough my demos first. I never even said anything about having recorded clips, so gj, 10/10 answer. Wont even bother anymore tbh, have lifetime anyway. gl with your project.
  4. faer

    Broken RCS

    RCS works completey fine for me, its neither norecoil nor nospread, i assume you just cant control the spray pattern correctly.
  5. Whats the deadline? I have a few scenes worth of clipping but i never recorded them so i'd have to go trough my matches.
  6. Could you boost 2 accounts from me? (1 with Mobile Auth)?
  7. Also haben sie mittlerweile EAC hinzugefügt? War diese Woche nicht zuhause!
  8. Das mit dem langen connecten ist aber (teilweise) dein eigenes problem, ich habe zwar auch bei so ziemlich jeden 2ten connect die anti ddos protection und bot überprüfung, dafür brauch ich aber sehr viel weniger als 30 sekunden.
  9. gieb moni bls Thanks for the chance!
  10. Damn, should have joined. hmu when you play again.
  11. faer

    csgo fun?

    Its an Insider. Google OP's Username if you want to know.
  12. This gives me flashbacks to when i played mw3 and was on the side of the ones being teleported.
  13. faer

    csgo fun?

    Not as much fun as Watch Dogs 2.
  14. `Rifk7, unity, x22, got lifetime for all 3 of them. Rifk only for rage though, it seems to get detected on and off it seems. Used it once 2 days after buying, got vacced 2 days later, then didnt use for a long time, used for one match, again vacced 3 days later. Didnt use for a long time, used once, then got vacced a month later. So now i only use it on HvH anymore. For legit i used to use Unity, but satan5 feels more legit to me. x22 was only when i had no other choice. Rifk still is a good cheat though, just not a cheat you should use when you dont want to get banned.
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