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  1. What names have you used in the past and how did you come up with them? I use Davis cause that is my IRL name in past i've only really used two nicknames for a long time ( usually I change them everyweek ) dexter ( from a show called dexter) capn ( from BB my favourite show ever )
  2. lol wut no way you're still alive
  3. Davis

    Need a new monitor

    ahh okay big thanks from me!
  4. Davis

    Need a new monitor

    alrigh, thanks, will look for 120-144 HZ monitors, andddd I might sound stupid but what is Gsync?
  5. Davis

    Need a new monitor

    I don't mind spending from 150 to 300 definitely, I just can't decide which one to get, some say benQ some say other ones.
  6. Yup received them, pretty happy with them :D.
  7. Davis

    Need a new monitor

    you can't just come up in my thread and expose me like that ;/
  8. Davis

    Need a new monitor

    1920x1080 is the one I have currently and I don't mind it, my gpu is 1080ti and i5 4590
  9. Something that isn't expensive, my current one has a crack in it don't ask me how it got there. idk the budget but reccomend me something please
  10. Yea but it never really bothered me since I only play'ed cs go and no reports were made that someone got banned.
  11. To play other games no only if you wanted to play without cheat just uninject by running the loader
  12. Nah you reboot your pc once and then you can inject all the time without opening the loader just opening the game
  13. I've been blind my whole time? Didn't he code in r3?
  14. So after using this cheat for a bit and testing all of the features I am confident enough to write a testimonial! Forums 8 /10 The forums are pretty simple, easy to use I'd say. I do like the color combination in satan5 theme and thank god because I doubt I would spend much time in forums if I would have to use the default theme (which in my eyes looks terrible). Everything is pretty similar to other cheat forums. There is a chatbox a public area and a premium one. In premium, you will find the latest news discussions, bug report threads etc and a config section. Right now there aren't many threads but that's because this cheat is in its early stage. There is no FAQ either or something like ''error fix'' thread but I am sure it will come at a later date. The only thing they are really missing and should be added ASAP would be a support ticket page. It would be helpful for people and easier for admins, mods to overview. In there you would have options like ''cheat related problems" "loader " " billing " etc. They are also missing an off-topic page where people can post anything and maybe that non-moderated page where people can go wild So, in the end, I give forums 8/10 because they miss a support ticket page, and supportive threads like FAQ and error fixing thread as well as maybe you could add off topic and non moderated pages Control panel Control panel is just amazing I had to make a separate section for it. I just love that thing. I have not seen something like that in any other cheat. You're able to see your subscriptions, your computer information and in near future, you will be able to see injection count and money spent. There is also a changelog section which really fits in there and the design.. Oh boy it's great it's not something simple like a thread with updates date and what's changed it's more detailed and I love it personally. decide for yourself You also got this amazing subscriptions page which I love too it's so amazing, it shows you how much money did you spend on the subscription shows how many days are left which is pretty basic but then you got something amazing like this This is just amazing, I have not yet seen something like this anywhere honestly. There is also a ''free stuff'' page in there and every new user gets 8 days in bonus which is amazing too, and I expect we will get more maybe not from subs but something else! There is also a client log where you can see logs from your computer which I haven't seen anywhere either if you get an error code you can click on it and you will see a solution to fixing it which is amazing.(i am not sure if it's added already since I haven't had errors that need fixing but they have a tab open with solutions if you click on the error code) Since I can't think of anything more in here i rate it 10/10 pretty much you have everything you could wish for in here and it's amazing. Downloading loader , first time setup 9/10 This is pure simple in my opinion. Once you have bought the product all you have to do is click on ''loader download'' button and you will be taken to a page where you get a tutorial on how to use the loader and a download button. After downloading you will receive a .exe file which I would recommend putting into a folder on desktop or anywhere else. After running the loader it will make a configuration file ( where it saves your username and password for the "remember me" option) and a folder that will be called after the game's name which you have the cheat for ( example if you bought battlefield 4 cheat you would have a folder called battlefield 4 ) This folder contains your cheat configuration save files. The loader is pretty easy to use all you do is click on it and it will ask for administrator rights. -Using the loader Once you open the loader you will most likely get a screen that a certain thing needs to be disabled and that it will disable it for security reasons and you will need to restart your computer, afterward should see a pretty simple login screen. This is the screen you will see In here you can type your username that you used to register on forums and a password You can also set the loader to remember your information which is not a new thing around but it does make the life easier After logging in you will see a new page where you will see your subscriptions So-called ''hack list" As you see you have to click + sign to actually get to the cheat so you can inject it, which I think is not required, but who knows maybe in future we will have multiple cheats for 1 game. Like a legit version and maybe HvH version or a league version 0o this is pretty simple to, you can see your bough cheats, your subscription time and when it ends. You got only 1 button and it is meant for injection Now the thing I like about the loader the most is this If you inject but you have your steam open it shows this message, however, bear in mind that the cheat still injects, and something like this is not common, usually loaders don't allow you to inject if steam is open After injecting in-game you in the top left corner you should see the logo "death is imminent" flashing slowly that means you have injected and honestly I love this type of confirmation, I've seen confirmations as beeps or certain sounds, but this is way better < this is how it looks The loader is really nice and it's really easy to inject too, you're literally just 2 clicks away from injecting yourself. I would rate it 10/10 but I think they should do more custom UI design on the loader, like adding black lines around the loader, custom textures etc so I rate it 9/10 Cheat's optimization, cheats menu ( features not included) The cheat is pretty good for what it is, knowing that antivirus is a really professional coder and has coded cheats for years ( as well as cracked and leaked a lot of them too :P) I am trusting this cheat,with this cheat I feel really comfortable when it comes to security. Most likely going to stay undetected for a really long period of time. The cheat works really good, I had 0 problems when injecting, everything works perfectly. I don't experience any random lag or stutter, which is great I remember with some providers I had random fps drops and stuttering, with this cheat it's excellent, the optimization is just great. I bet anyone with a potato pc could use this and not get much loss in fps. The menu is really nice I personally like it ( obviously I've seen some menus that I like better but this one definitely stays with them in the same range almost) Here is the tab from the menu I really like the color selection and the logo on top. The only thing is we could get a more animated menu like opening and closing is like dormant or something The logo could be animated too with many some kind of a neat effect I really like that we have a right click option on some features, I already thought about it a long time and suggested it to another coder however he never thought that was a great idea, I am glad that someone actually thinks like me that it is a great idea. Furthermore, it would be great if the picture and the username was in better look now IMO it ruins the look kind of it has a bad quality for some reason and I think that should be changed, however, this is unique too I haven't seen this in a sold cheat everything else is great, easy to navigate easily to find features. I rate the menu 9/10 due to the bad quality of the picture and the name, everything else is just perfect The optimization is just 10/10 for me Aimbot 10/10 The aimbot is pretty simple to configure but hell, it really is a devil'ish aimbot, it makes you the worst enemy for the enemy team. At first sight I didn't know much so I looked at the config section and I took antivirtus config, basically I used that config as a base to make my own, and I have to say I was confused at first but then I got used to it. The aimbot is really neat, It really looks legit while at the same time giving you a huge advantage over others,It offers a lot of options like recoil control and standalone one as well as wide hitbox selection, backtracking and a few other things to make it more legit. Take a look for yourself on how it looks As you can see you have 2 aimbot modes (2d and 3d) I personally like 2d more since it feels better and stronger but I am guessing 3d would be more legit? who knows, but both modes are great. As you can see you have an option to aim while flashed and aim through smoke. You can have a precise FOV ( which is not good at all for 2d since it's really small fov field). Pretty much you have everything that you need in a legit bot in my opinion I would love to see some new features that haven't been seen before because right now it's pretty basic and similar to every other cheat. The really interesting thing is how the weapon configs work, have a look for yourself As you can see you can choose whether have 1 config for a whole group or create specific configs for specific guns, which is amazing for those who want to use different settings for each weapon. I personally use 1 config for each group since I don't really care about individual weapon configs. I rate the aimbot 10/10 because it does work and it does its job really effectively , and I really enjoy it,I can't say I feel blantlant with it, I feel really confident with it and I doubt it will be the aimbot that will get me overwatched banned. Triggerbot -Will add a rating l8 Visuals 5/10 The visuals aren't the bright side on this cheat in my opinion, I've seen way better designs, then this. I looked up old r3cheat visuals and they don't seem pleasant to me either. I don't know why but I just don't like them, I personally think they're really ugly(sorry but that's the truth). The only thing I use is chams & glow (occasionally glow). And there aren't many options in visuals right now anyway, like out of FOV arrows, armor bar, more glow options etc. The visuals surely should be revamped in my opinion. In here we have ''normal '' as a material for chams and they remind me of cs 1.6 days when I used a wallhack. You can also set certain visuals on world items, for example when a gun is on the ground you can make it glow, have a name tag on top of it, and a box around it. The thing I love here the most is the ''reset'' button for player FOV ViewModel FOV and flash removal, never seen that before. If I want to get default ViewModel I can just click on reset. This is really good in my opinion I also like the Fullbright mode and the other 2 mods, however in long term they are useless, I doubt anyone will use them much. We also have sound ESP and a feature that enables ESP only if the target is heard, which is one of the best things ever. Using this with visible only will be p100. With this kind of option you're just overpowered, it's really helpful. do you want to see the visuals for yourself? Click Here! As I said I use chams and glow which ain't bad, I like the chams on this cheat and the fact that you can get any color with the color picker is awesome. As I don't like the visuals I am giving 5/10 because There are nice visual options in there, but the style is bad in my opinion. Miscellaneous 6/10 Miscellaneous is like every other one.Not much unique features in here. In misc, you have your misc features and a skin changer You can enable bunnyhop with auto strafe a recoil crosshair which is amazing, it makes controlling recoil, really easy you also have a grenade prediction which is a good feature too , it helps me with the smokes , and the nades, however, it would be good if it would show the damage and the radius of the grenade (Molotov inc.grenade and the grenade) and also would show for example how long is the smoke going to last and when it's starting to fade away. It also has an in-game inventory enabler which lets you open your inventory whilst in a competitive match and change items. You have your auto accept and show spectators. It also has hitmarkers but it would be great if it had multiple sounds to choose from not just one. The current one is the metallic one ( buttons\\arena_switch_press_02.wav) which is used by too many cheats, it's basically the mainstream hitmarker So in the end I rate misc 6/10 it could really have way more features then it has right now in my opinion. Settings 10/10 In settings you have everything you would ever need, you have your large selection of colors for visual features and a config section Here you can change the color for almost every (if not every) visual feature. You can change the glow for both visible and invisible which is a rare thing, you can also change it manually below the color picker , you will see the current color and the new color aswell, You can reset or apply , it's really awesome.You can really customize it how you want it.Configs is nothing really special but I guess you can have infinite configs , it's really easy to use. Settings have a lot of customization in it and I love it so I give this section 10/10 Cheat comparison So now let's compare satan against 2 really know developers ( interwebz and unityhacks , I've both of this cheat) we are going to compare their loader, menu, aimbot for legit, visuals, misc and overall stuff like prices optimization etc comparing satan5 against interwebz Loader & injection The loader is better in interwebz I think It just looks better in my eyes, I don't like these loaders with the windows theme kind of, so I will go for interwebz on the design BUT wait let's talk about the injection. To inject interwebz you need to have a fat32 USB and most of the times when I tried injecting I'd get a BSOD so I really hated that, many people got BSOD and that was annoying as fuck. In satan5 it's really simple to inject Menu Both cheats are internal and both cheats have menus, I will absolutely go for satan5's menu any day. I like the color selection on interwebz better, but the menu is cluttered with features, When it was my first time using the cheat I couldn't find anything and had to actually spend time to find a feature I wanted, however in satan5 I can find everything pretty easily, everything is in order not placed together and actually readable. I also don't like the side things on interwebz the ''config'' system, and it makes the menu look worse because it is not full static it has text on sides and it is outside the box which I hate personally, and you have like 4-5 configs allowed in there, however in satan5 you can have way more than 5. AIMBOT Interwebz is known for their silent aim, They still use silent aim ( really low FOV). A lot of people say it's the best legit cheat out there, and It has the best aimbot.In my experience I didn't like their aimbot system, I didn't feel a huge advantage against enemies, sure it was strong with backtrack but still wasn't what I was looking for, I like smoothness aimbots, lock on ones and this is what satan provides. I just like this aimbot better, I feel way stronger with it and faster,I get more kills that I could with interwebz. Sure interwebz might look more legit but if you configure satan5 correctly it will be legit too. VISUALS I will go with interwebz on this one too. they have a bad style too but that one looks better then satan5 visuals in my opinion. MISC Even though interwebz's have more features I will still go with satan5, because most of their misc features are HvH based, and Interwebz is definitely not the HvH cheat you would want to use in my opinion,they also have useless features like name changer and chat spam which I used only once for a test in a casual match, I'd rather have few good features that I'll use than full misc of useless stuff for me So If I had to choose between interwebz and satan5 I would go with satan5 at any time, the only reason I will visit interwebz again is to buy supremacy someday anything else is a no. comparing satan5 against unityhacks Loader & injection When I used unit hacks I was amazed by their loader and their injection method, They have 2 of them, one of them is my complete favorite.It's the one where you inject into your windows ( I guess?) and you can close the game and open it again and it will auto inject. They also didn't have a login in their loader which is also a really neat thing. In the design and injection, I will go with unity Menu I do like unityhacks menu but I prefer satan's menu, Why? I like that it has the logo in it and not just white color with black with is soo mainstream but actual different colors. And it has the sidebar with the tabs not on top I prefer on side honestly. This one goes for satan5 AIMBOT The aimbot, most important part of all cheats for me. And oh boy I didn't like unityhacks aimbot, It felt so weird, and I just couldn't get used to it, no matter what config. This automatically goes to satan5 cause I already like their aimbot VISUALS The visuals are way better on unityhacks (except for their fat skeleton ESP) I wasn't the biggest fan of their visuals either but they are okay almost good just a few mistakes here and there. MISC Unityhacks didn't have anything in misc that I used only bunnyhop and autostrafer thats it nothing more.This one goes to satan5 since I use almost every feature of misc because they're actually useful. So in the end I will stay with satan5 as long as I keep playing CS:GO I know that anti virtus is a really good coder and that he knows his shit.After some months this cheat will be most likely full of features and even more customizability. This is probably longest testimonial you've seen and most detailed one, so please no negative comments else I am doing the Kurt Cobain move
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