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  1. 0ptix

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    Will do that, wait for my next vid 😉
  2. 0ptix

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    Okay, thank you for your honest review 🙂
  3. 0ptix

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    Thank you 🙂
  4. 0ptix

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    lel that is just an intro xD (It's for free to use so why not use it?) That's not from me xD But thank you for your Feedback 🙂
  5. 0ptix

    Frag Movie by 0ptix

    Hi Guys, as always, I create for each hack I use a new Youtube Account because I think it is not fair to promote different Hacks. Don't PM me about the other Accounts, I wont give them to you for the reasons stated before. Here is a Movie I made for Satan5 and for you. In this Video I just use Aimbot and RCS, nothing else. Enjoy and give me Feedback. And yes, the Intro is not from me, it is available for free to integrate in your videos. 😉
  6. Here is a Video about the Obvious-Configuration, so you are able to see what it looks like in Replay-Mode. You can see the Kills in the upper right coner. This is with visual as I said on my last Post.
  7. Review of the Security so far. (German version below) You can have a look at my other Review by following this Link: https://satan5.com/topic/899-short-time-review/ Hello Community, I’m a friend of reviews and I try to give you as much Infos as possible. At this small review I want to say some words to the “Security-Features” of the Hack. So let us start: I bought the Hack on the 15th of February 2019. Since then I injected it a lot of times on different Accounts (on some Accounts I used different Hacks before). Once with Steam running (Loader closes Steam – good thing), inject it 2 or 3 times, just some different Methods nobody would ever do. I played about 30 (maybe more or less) ranked matches, half of them legit, half of them very obvious with cheat. I watched each replay with some friends between 1 – 3 times, always my Kills, Crosshair placement and so on. On the legit one my friends say “did you even use cheats?”, on the obvious it was just visible a few times. Legit: With legit I mean low FOV, slow Aimbot down, no Visuals, no Triggerbot, most of the Features turned off. I made between 15 and 20 Kills each match which is fine, sometimes called out as Cheater but mostly I think this is because of 12 Year old Kiddows 😉 Summary: No Ban (VAC/OW), Account 1 is good. Obvious: With Obvious I mean High FOV (30 -2D), no slowdown on Aimbot about 10%, Autoaim on, full ESP, Radarhack on, RCS on max., Trigger on. Kills between 35 and 40 each Match. Called mostly out as Cheater (what a wonder) and I think in Summary I got about 5 or more Reports each Match. BUT: No Ban (VAC/OW). I think after that much reports a ban would be there about 2 days after xD So what can I say: on Satan5 they keep what they promise – seems like a good Security even you don’t play legit. 10/10 German Version: Hallo zusammen, Ich selbst bin ein Freund von Reviews und ich versuche euch meine bisherigen Erfahrungen zu geben um euch evtl. bei einer Entscheidung zu helfen. Dann lasst uns anfangen: Am 15.02.2019 habe ich den Hack gekauft. Seitdem habe ich den Hack mehrmals in verschiedener Art und Weise auf diversen Accounts „injected“. Manchmal doppelt, manchmal während Steam gelaufen ist (der Loader schließt Steam – gute Sache), manchmal mehrmals hintereinander. Also so, wie es garantiert niemand machen würde. Ich hab mit dem Hack mehrere Matches gespielt, 30 plus minus ein paar. Die eine Hälfte „legit“ mit einem Account, die zweite Hälfte „obvious“ mit einem anderen Account. Jedes Match habe ich mir mit Freunden mehrmals angesehen um genau die Bewegungen, das Crosshair Placement usw. anzuschauen. Während der „legit-replays“ kam ab und an die Frage „Hast du da überhaupt injected?“ Legit: mit legit meine ich niedriges FOV, Aimbot Slowdown sehr hoch, Visuals aus, Triggerbot aus, eigentlich die meisten Features aus. Pro Match hatte ich etwa zwischen 15 und 20 Kills – für mich ganz okay. Ab und zu wurde ich als Cheater beschimpft, könnte aber auch an den kleinen Kindern liegen die ein Aggressionsproblem haben. Zusammengefast: kein BAN (VAC/OW) Obvious: mit Obvious meine ich etwas auffällig. FOV beim Aimbot auf 30, Aimslowdown bei ungefähr 10%, Autoaim aktiv, ESP komplett an, Radarhack an, RCS auf max und den Triggerbot auch an. Ich hatte pro Match etwa 35 bis 40 kills, mal mehr, mal weniger und wurde eigentlich immer als Cheater beleidigt (welch Wunder). Wenn ich schätzen müsste dann würde ich sagen dass ich pro Match etwa 5 oder mehr Reports bekommen habe und erfahrungsgemäß hat man nach etwa 2 – 3 Tagen einen Overwatch-Ban. Aber: Bisher weder VAC noch Overwatch obwohl es wirklich nicht unauffällig war. Zusammengefasst: Hier wird Security versprochen – bisher auch gehalten. Scheinbar auch wenn man nicht unauffällig spielt. 10/10.
  8. 0ptix


    I think it means something like "paused" because the EAC version isn't online currently..
  9. You're welcome :)
  10. yes but it was buggy and it was fixed yesterday 😉 You can see it in the changelog. I already reported this 😉
  11. Good to know that. Then I have to change it in my next review 😉
  12. Okay, then I have to change this on my review, thank you!
  13. Soo.. as I promised here is a "short-time-review". The "long-time-review" is coming soon. First of all: I played with a lot of different hacks in the past, some good, some bad. Some legit some rage. I'm in this "scene" since 2010 So let's start 1. The Website: It has a nice look, not bad for the Eyes, good for looking at night. You have a good Overview. As always, you have to learn by yourselv how to navigate but you can learn the Website very fast. For me the "Store" was a little bit "hidden" but just my opinion -> 9/10 2. Administrator: Very friendly, very helpful. Keep doing it this way -> 10/10 3. Control Panel: As I said before, the Overview is nice. At this point I have to give you a big BUT because: I saw that the Hack streams your Steam-ID where the Hack was used with, all of your Specs on the PC, Name of PC, every time when you inject. This i a point I don't like because I don't have control what the Hack streams. I don't want so say it does something "illegal" or against law but this is something I don't like. Yes, of course it is a Security Feature so it cant be used on a different PC but it would be nice to get some Info about the Stored Data. Is the Connection secure? Because after I started (and downloaded) the Loader my Kaspersky screamed instantly that the connection is not. For me, it collects a little bit too much personal Data. EDIT: Was clearyfied with one ofe the Admins, so I'm fine with it. -> 7/10 4. Loader: Keep it simple - keep it good. Only two things could be changed (just something I like): After you run the loader you could make a taskkill for Steam, should be no Problem and an Autologin Feature would be nice -> 10/10 5. Hack: Overview is nice, I really like it that you see your profile Pic, no hack I used before had this feature, I really like it. I had some Problems to find every feature I was looking for but this is a learning Process. The Features itselv: The Tabs are really well placed, most of the Features are good to find. The "AImbot" Tab is a little bit too much, I think you could add a Tab something like "Accuracy" and put the RCS there. But this is just an optical thing -> 9/10 6. Aimbot: It works good, depends on your playstile. Good thing is that you can configure each weapon different. Yes, it takes some time but if you want a unique Hack you have to do that. I use a config from the FOrum which I changed and played about 2 Games. I'm MGE and I won both with about 25 kills. After that I watched the replay and I can say that I very rarely saw such a legit Aimbot. As I stated before I've played with a lot of different hacks. What I'm really missing is that it is not possible to set different Aimkeys for the Weapons Configs. Some things could be different but that's just my opinion. I have to learn a little bit more about the functions, like the delay and so on. Some Descriptions are different compared to other Hacks. But more in my long time review, I don't have anough experience with the hack to give you a 100% statement. What I really like is that you are able to select so much different hitboxes. And the Backtrack is awesome! -> 7/10 7. Triggerbot: I don't use it very much, just for Sniper. I does what it is meant to be, you can configure the delay, hitchance and everything important. Nothing more to say. -> 8/10 8. Visuals: Soo... They work. You have a LOT of Options, I we're not able to triy every Option yet. But I just use the Chams (Player visible). I already talked to the Administrator about one thing I would make different but this is just a personal thing. I will write more about the Visuals in my long time review, I have to play with the Options a little bit. Edit: I really like the DLight Function (sometimes a little bit buggy), it is just awesome. -> 8/10 9. Misc: One Thing I really really like is the Hitmarker and the Autoaccept. It is also a good thing to see the Enemys rnaks! Like that. There are not that much hacks which use it and this is very helpful. Big plus on that. Crosshair, Grenades, Fakelag, usual things which fit perfect in this Hack. Good job, keep that. -> 10/10 10. Cosmetics: I dont use it because for me there is no need to. Anyway, it works. -> 10/10 11. Settings: You have a lot of posibilites in the Settings-Tab like you can configure each color as you want it. The most Hacks i saw have sliders or Numbers which you can type in to see your color. This Hack hasn't. It has a better solution which i REALLY like. But have a look at it by yourselv. You can have a lot of different configs, which are loaded automatically into the hack, you just have to select the config and press "load". The only thing I'm missing a little bit is the option to set one Config as "default" but maybe I was not able to find it. (edit: it is possible, thanks at Admin) 7/10 12. Security: Works as intended, see my review at: https://satan5.com/topic/908-security-review/ 10/10 Summary: All in all it is a good Hack for legit playing. You shouldn't use this hack if you have absolutly no experience in CSGO or hacking. It can be really frustrating because you just need to learn all the Options and what they do. From my point I can recommend that hack. What I miss a little bit are some "on-Press" Key features. For example on AWP I use Mouse-5 for Aimbot, for Rifle Mouse-1. For me an very important thing. The biggest "really-no-go" is the Control Panel thing. It would be nice if the Administrator can give a little Statement about it. So in Summary we have 105 out of 120 If you guys want to I can make a little video in Matchmaking, maybe it helps you to decide if you should buy this hack. Feel free to contact me.
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