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  1. Joker<3

    CSGO Update Funny

    Actually it is true but, Valve acts like the F2P update got so many players banned we are so gooood, but actually the brought most of those Vacced accounts with the F2P update
  2. Joker<3

    5$ Steam card giveaway.

    I like Cake.
  3. Joker<3

    1x 1 Month CSGO sub givaway

    uff ya @.visual Ehrenmann
  4. Joker<3

    1x 1 Month CSGO sub givaway

    i´ll give you some nudes bby
  5. Joker<3

    40 EUR Steam Game Giveaway

    Rucksackrapper smells Q_Q
  6. Joker<3

    3x 5$ Steam giftcard Giveaway

    and the 4th one, wow you have to be rich man xDD
  7. Joker<3

    3x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    Wow you do a lot giveaways thanks man^^
  8. Joker<3

    1x CSGO key Giveaway

    uff yaa
  9. Joker<3

    3x CS:GO Fresh Accounts Giveaway

    yes whats better than acracked account? a fresh account, non-prime-action lets go
  10. Joker<3

    Rate the song above You

    Actually liked it 8/10
  11. Joker<3

    Rate the song above You

    ehm -9000/10
  12. Joker<3

    Rate the song above You

    Sup, i know we already have a post like that (https://satan5.com/forums/topic/106-what-are-you-listening-to-right-now/ ) But i think this is more fun when we know your opinions about the songs we are listening. I think everyone should know what that tread is about, so have fun here^^ Pls rate it with x/10 @Virtus every song you will post get 1/10 😛 I might start with that beauty: small challenge: listen it drunk o.O
  13. Joker<3

    What are you listening to right now?

    uff yaaa

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