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    1x 1 Month CSGO sub givaway

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    I ser other trials post for 24h..
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    im old user from santa(i used in ) i can test new chams stream proof for 24h? @Sen66 and the rcs bug dont work with aim smooth its fixed? if i can test and i like i will buy when have edgejump(make this jump easy https://youtu.be/UUMnsugIOVg ) if not give me a trial pls make vid using chams only visible(in visuals i only use this and bomb timer) I wanted to see how it is obs : i just not renew satan5 sub after expire why i buy cheat have edge jump and rcs work with aim if add edge jump before this cheat sub expire i will buy satan again 😃
  4. 17h

    3x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    lets try... 😃
  5. 17h

    3x 5$ Steam giftcard Giveaway

    lets try... 😃
  6. 17h

    1x CSGO key Giveaway

    lets try... 😃
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    3x CS:GO Fresh Accounts Giveaway

    lets try... 😃
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    6x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    look sexy

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