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  1. dedemip7

    2x Sub + CS Acc giveaway

    how u pay all these giveways
  2. dedemip7

    2x Fresh CS Accounts giveaway

  3. dedemip7

    My first impression after 10 days

    No problem 🙂
  4. After beeing a clean player for more than a year, using a semi-private cheat before quitting to cheat, I decided to start again and give this promising project a chance. Im really impressed. The cheat itself works perfectly fine exept some bugs and maybe missing features, but thats fine, because it is quite young. The community is great, the support aswell. As a user you get the feeling that the devs and staff put their heart in this project. Bugs are fixed fast, new features on suggestion by the customers are added frequently and it is really affordable. The fact that PSC payment is possible gives everyone the chance to get their hands on this awesome cheat and community. While using satan5 you feel pretty safe because protection is taken very seriously by the devs. In terms of raging i gotta say it doesnt seem to be the best, but it is based on Legit cheating anyways. Overall i give this cheat a 8.5/10 .
  5. dedemip7

    How old are you?

    you seem to be fucking like a rabbit
  6. dedemip7

    1x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    I like your beard and hat
  7. dedemip7

    How old are you?

    show peepee
  8. dedemip7

    How old are you?

    Just beeing curious 😄
  9. dedemip7

    [OT] Random Satan5 Moment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Autismus maximus
  10. dedemip7

    Where did you come from

    Didnt cheat for more than a year, but I was in a semi-private project back then.
  11. dedemip7


    Bin der selben Meinung 🙂
  12. dedemip7

    3x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    Warum essen schwarze kein Schwarzbrot? Weil sie sich sonst in die Finger beißen.
  13. dedemip7

    1x CSGO key Giveaway

    gif me csgo gey
  14. dedemip7

    3x 5$ Steam giftcard Giveaway

    sucky sucky 5 Bucky
  15. dedemip7

    6x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    gibs mir daddy

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