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  1. You can see the updates on https://satan5.com/panel/?page=changelogs&sub=csgo but keep in mind there are also silent updatess which arent worth a note in there for really small stuff.
  2. https://satan5.com/panel/?page=changelogs&sub=csgo😆
  3. Thanks for the nice review 😄 The cheat loads the config names "default.cfg" on startup.
  4. Our buildserver recompiles the cheat non-stop and obfuscates the code as well. You won't get the same signature on the cheat when you inject it the next time. Also the loader unique for every user. The cheat is internal and VAC detects internal AND external cheats.
  5. Sen66


    Misc -> Allow capture
  6. Hiding the skins was removed as it is a bit buggy. Also there is a cheat-radar in the beta version which is streamproof.
  7. It loads "default.cfg" on startup,
  8. Reinstalling windows helps I heard. Also try reinstalling the game afterwards.
  9. Sen66


    Can you send me the txid?
  10. The EAC version has the same VAC protection as the normal version.
  11. would not say "new coders". how02 for example exists for many many years already 😛
  12. This is wrong. You still run EAC and can get HWID banned when cheating.
  13. Naja, finds schon mies, dass er jetzt kein Bock mehr hat........
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