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  1. m4rciwtf

    Late Christmas Giveaway

    Amazon or Google Pay Happy new year haha
  2. m4rciwtf

    EAC vs Normal Version

    No, I don't. You'll have to ask @Sen66 for that. I could think of for example Legit AA which would be obvious af in a League Game
  3. m4rciwtf

    EAC vs Normal Version

    Afaik the EAC Version has the MM Version and a EAC Version. When you inject the EAC Version some features won't work, but for MM you still can inject the MM version
  4. m4rciwtf

    Hey kleine frage.

    Er hat ja geschrieben, ob er nicht für einen Tag ne Trial kaufen könnte. Müsstest du eventuell mal @ViRTUS anschreiben, wenn du für einen Tag bezahlen würdest
  5. m4rciwtf

    Graphic corner.

    Dont want to advertise other cheats, but the artworks look awesome: http://cytex-designs.eu/portfolio_page1.html http://cytex-designs.eu/portfolio_page2.html
  6. m4rciwtf

    Graphic corner.

    Are you able to make a steam artwork for my steam profile like all the gamesense users have but I want it with satan5 if you could do that. steamcommunity.com/id/inbroso
  7. I have said that it is undetected right now and that can change every second (like you said in your last sentence: "which is not the case with any cheat our there") with a new VAC Update. And I don't understand what you want
  8. The cheat itself is VAC undetectable right now, but not Overwatch undetectable. It is your own fault that the account is banned. You just played too obvious, with a too obvious aimbot or maybe just with the obvious bhop script which also can ban you. So next time maybe play legit.
  9. m4rciwtf

    Satan5 Promo Fragmovie (Need your help!)

    steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-DzeYK-kxvAq-B6DEy-3z2MP-VwkMC last round, account name is Pocahontas 3 deag wuntaps
  10. m4rciwtf

    [Scum] Crack (multiplayer)

    I don't have it anymore, and cs.rin says it doesn't work anymore anyway. I own my own SCUM account so I don't need any cracks, wanted to see if it really worked.
  11. m4rciwtf

    [Scum] Crack (multiplayer)

    I have a VPN today, but who said that it was in the near past?
  12. m4rciwtf

    [Scum] Crack (multiplayer)

    Got it already, but thank you anyway
  13. m4rciwtf

    [Scum] Crack (multiplayer)

    I don't download Torrents anymore after I got a nice letter of my ISP.
  14. m4rciwtf

    [Scum] Crack (multiplayer)

    go give direct download plz, thx 😛

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