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  1. Defalt

    40 EUR Steam Game Giveaway

    send me rust pussssyyyyy https://steamcommunity.com/id/Defalt0001
  2. Defalt

    2x Fresh CS Accounts giveaway

    ban ban ban
  3. Defalt

    2x Sub + CS Acc giveaway

    im jeeish
  4. Defalt

    2x 5$ Steam Card giveaway

  5. Defalt

    Legit Anti-Aim

    sorta it flicks sometimes and your legs get fucked up a littlebit
  6. Defalt

    How old are you?

    15 almost 16
  7. Defalt

    Jewish Haxx Review

    very jewish, your name is now jewish jim
  8. Defalt

    Where did you come from

    added it bb
  9. Defalt

    Where did you come from

    man i dont even know what them cheats are
  10. Defalt

    Where did you come from

    What cheat did you use before this one
  11. Defalt

    Omniaim user

    Hi i came from Omniaim and i gotta say this cheat is fucking easily 100x better, Omniaim is always down this cheat has been up for 4 updates. i never had any issues with omniaim same here. The only thing i want added is snaplines and good snaplines were they come off the cross hair not your fucking feet. i think the rcs is better with omni but its almost just as good here. visuals are great. The aimbot is one of the most legit looking if the rcs had its own smooth then it would be perfect. hvh some nerd with lethality they lose ez win. cheat is definitely staying with me till i find something better? 10/10 would buy till i die
  12. Defalt

    csgo fun?

    csgo is good just its not as fun as it used to be
  13. Defalt

    6x 1 month VIP Giveaway

    finna nut

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