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VIP Application (Minecraft)

Application Restrictions

Content count Reputation points/likes Number of days as member Minimum age User groups
10 No restriction 33 No restriction All Groups

General Information

Satan5 is selling cheats for a small amount of money and without any requirements for games with an active anti-cheat system. We try our best to prevent detection's but it will be unknown the length at which it will stay undetected, since its publicly available for everyone even for anti-cheat employees. In case our cheats get detected we have to disable them for some time and find the security hole which sometimes leads to a bad user experience.

We have decided to release more exclusive cheats including a completly overhauled framework and enhanced security measurements. Does it mean now we don't care about our public cheats anymore?

No, because we have more than one developer and we will always improve our security system that we use for the public cheats.

Anti-Cheat Support

The exclusive cheats use a completly new framework which gives us new opportunities to release more cheats for different anti-cheat systems. We support the following anti-cheats for example:

  • EasyAntiCheat
  • BattlEye

How to get access to the exclusive cheats

To get access to our exclusive cheats you have to become a VIP Member selected by the Satan5 Team. We won't require documents or any other personal information from you. But it would be great to see few sentences explaining why you should become a vip member and not somebody else.

Information about the price and stock

To check the current prices and stock amount please visit the specific product pages we have made for our exclusive cheats. The price of these cheats won't be the same as our public cheats since it's not publicly available.

Application Restrictions

  • Content count 10
  • Reputation points/likes No restriction
  • Number of days as member 33
  • Minimum age No restriction
  • User groups All Groups

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