Rust Cheat

Subscription type: Forum Access

Release date: 26.09.2020

99.00€ per month


  • Get an edge over streamers with our streamproof cheat.
  • Download and play, that's how easy it is to use our software. Hassle free!
  • System requirements: Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit)

Our Rust cheat gives you the advantages you need to dominate the game with features like Aimbot, Player ESP, Item ESP and much more! Security is our number one priority, therefore we have an application system with limited slots to keep our forums and cheat free from unnecessary risks. Get your application in before all the slots are filled up!



ESP Player, Sleeper, NPC, Team, Names, Box, Box Outline, Healthbar, Weapon, Distance, Head Dot, Prediction Dot, NPC Distance, NPC Weapon

VehiclesVehicle, MiniCopter, Max Distance, Scrap Helicopter, MotorRovboat, Submarine, RHIB

Loot Loot, Lootbags, Max Distance, Explosives, Riffles, Smgs, Pistols, Keycards, Airdrop, Hackable Crate

Loot Crate Crates, Max Distance, Barrels, Normal Crates, Tool Crates, Medical Crates, Military Crates, Elite Crates, MapMarker Explosion, Gift Boxes

Deployable Deployables, Traps, Max Distance, Samsite Max Distance, Stashes, Hidden only, Storage Boxes, TCs, Names, Large Batterys, Recyclers

Resource Resource, Max Distance, Stone Ore, Sulfur Ore, Metal Ore

Collectable Collectable, Max Distance, Cloth, Berrys, Sulfur, Metal, Stone, Wood

Animal Animal, Max Distance, Boar, Stag, Bear, Wolf, Chicken, Horse



Enabled, Aimkey, Player, NPC, FOV, Smooth, Hitbox, SilentAim, Hitbox, RCS X/Y, Velocity Prediction, Body Aim, Body Aim HP, At Team



Enabled, Background Alpha, Zoom, Position Preset, Radar Size, Radar Position X / Y



Speedhack, Speedhack Key, Standalone RCS, Skip Shots, Always Automatic, Change Aim Area, Items while drive, Night Vision, No Fall Damage, Spiderman, Double Jump, High Jump, High Jump Scale, Draw Fov, Crosshair, Fov Changer, Fov, Fov Key, Fov On key, Fake Admin, Fake Admin Key, Debug Camera Speed

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