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CSGO review

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Hello there. I been almost 1 month using your product and would like give you small feedback.

Aimbot: Actually i dont much use this features. Probably just RCS. And i would like to say, i am pretty happy with this. But sometimes when i put RCS standalone 2, sometimes i feel like its kinda shaking. So i hope for spectators i am not too much obvious. Otherwise good job.

TriggerBot: I been using couple cheat before with trigger too, but i dont know why, this one i really like it. When i use on AWP i probably always go for ACE, or with pistol. Good job too.

Visual: Currently they are very beatufil. Charms and nightmode is like getting orgasm. Good job.

Misc: I probably using only bunnyhop, and its really good and definitely looks legit in my opinion. When i playing some public servers, i always using this features. Good job.

Skins: Its really working for me. I havent got single crash or some bugs or etc.. Just perfect...

Community: I dont really pay attention here. Most of time i am playing csgo because i just love cheat. But its seems there is very friendly and helpful admins/moderator. But i see a loot of people always asking for other cheat. For example with stronger protection like BE. Its kinda triggers me, when i always see "when cheat back" or etc. In my opinon i think you should close this product because i can image how long you put effort to that cheats, and later got detected or getting insta down. Oterwise i would welcome some other cheat for example like TF2 or battlefield games.

Overall: I remember back in days when there was R3 cheats, and always when i inject this cheat, give me so much "nostalgia" Damn... So if you looking for cheap and quality product with friendly and helpful community, i would definitely reccomended this one. Keep up good work! Cheers 🥰

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