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  5. We had no detections so far, only with red trust factor when many internals had the issue, but we fixed it very quickly. RCS Yes Skinchanger no.
  6. when was the last detection? does it have standalone RCS and skinchanger? i know i used to use the cheat but its been a long time i have forgotten
  7. How long does it usually take for verification and how do you know when you have been approved or not?
  8. brauche nochmal sorry hab verkackt
  9. need a hwid reset ty
  10. ObiWann

    hwid reset

    hwid reset pls
  11. vacproof


    i knew it, i mean that someone got access to it 😄 2fa ❤️
  12. Intic


    Guess someone got a hold of my pass from this site xd Thanks for the comment, i got a notification from it otherwise i wouldn't have known lol
  13. vacproof


    love ya 😛
  14. Intic


  15. VAC2/VAC3/MM/PREMIER Others aren't tested or detected.
  16. VAC2/VAC3/MM CEVO Anti-Cheat Gfinity Anti-Cheat ESL Anti-Cheat ZenGaming Server Sided AC SMAC PopFlash Any Server Sided AC
  17. Sen66


    You must have loaded the cheat already. Just start CS2
  18. how02


    Please send us this file: C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe @jolt
  19. I get errors i just download it.
  20. Please for the love of god bring EFT back! Tired of all these other products that are dog water. Even one claimed to be the first to have free cam.
  21. Hey, Yes, windows 11 is supported and I believe the last detection was like almost 2 years ago.
  22. Hey there! is Win11 2H23 supported for Satan5 DayZ? also when was the last detection? i wanted to try a new cheaper provider and i already have a track rec with you guys (TheDeliveryGuy) <- this acc can be deleted. and recently found out there is a dayz chair from satan. i used to play with proofcore but its too expensivce with crypto as the onjly payment method and usd only. thanks.
  23. Cmn bring back the EFT cheat to life king, we believe in you ❤️
  24. It is being worked on, yes. But I am also still focused on rewriting parts of the framework and every now and then I find new parts that I want to rewrite. Yeesterday my desk broke and I need to wait for the manufacturer for some new parts. Everything is making my life hard.
  25. Does this mean EFT and EFT arena is being finally worked on and might be close to being back?
  26. Thank you for posting this man
  27. I was just wondering if anyone has some clips of the dayz standalone cheese so I can get a preview of what's inside as I'm looking to purchase when my account gets approved.
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