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  • VIP Application Group A


    Skip Application
    You can skip the application process if you get invited by an existing VIP cheat user. Whoever is inviting you must send ViRTUS a private message.
    Selling invites or paying for invites is not tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban. If you invite someone, you also take the responsibility for his actions in case of bad intentions.
    Required information
    As a cheat provider at some point you will be targeted by other developers, their goal is to analyze our software, find weak points and to detect or leak our software. To make this process harder, aside from of our own software protection, we prevent the direct purchase of our VIP cheats. We don’t require any personal documents, but you must prove that you are a regular cheat user by providing links to previous or current accounts (Forums, cheat provider or anything related). If you're a beginner in the cheating scene, you may also have the chance to apply. Try to explain to us the path you took to find our website. If you are applying for the VIP rank you must be ready to buy one of our cheat subscriptions otherwise it’s possible that you will lose your VIP access. If we have doubts about you, we will reject your application.

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