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  • R6S & Z1BR online again + HWID Spoofer
  • Satan5’s Z1BR Cheat includes customizable features through our custom GUI. Some of our features can reveal hidden options by right click on them, and this can consist of ESP box type or info position. Our Z1BR hack also includes a color manager to allow you to change any colors for any visual feature.

    • You can use our software with BattlEye Anti Cheat.
    • Our software is very easy to use. No USB-Stick required.
    • You can stream with our cheat.
    • Use our HWID Spoofer to prevent hwid bans.

    System requirements: windows icon.pngWindows 7 (64 bit), windows icon.pngWindows 8 (64 bit) & windows icon.pngWindows 10 (64 bit). 

  • Cheat features



    • Active
    • Enemy only
    • Box
    • Name
    • Distance
    • Health
    • Health bar
    • Active weapon
    • Head dot
    • Highlight visible
    • Visible only
    • Skeleton
    • Filter
      • Players
      • Items
      • Vehicles
      • Everything
    • Cheat Radar


    • Save / Load configs
    • Color changer



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