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Found 3 results

  1. YFI: There was no smoke in round 28/30, it's a bug. // Round 10 = Triggerbot 😉 Aint gonna get banned bois. Config used: MM_NEU.cfg
  2. Usability / Functionality The overall usability and functionality of this cheat is top notch. Took me a little bit to understand how to set up the glitch for first time use. It was not clear that in the main menu the hack would not appear for me, however, would appear once I was in a match. Not a huge deal but to a new person to the cheating scene like me, did not know what to expect. However, the smooth clean look of the UI really made for a nice experience to let me easily play around with the settings and get it to where I would like. Aimbot, ESP, and everything else worked as advertised and intended! If you have time to modify/do the settings for weapons etc . You could get even more out of it . Security Really haven't had any problems. I do my due diligence to really avoid rage hacking and keep it as realistic looking as possible. I just like having the extra edge in combat to be able to hit those shots! no bans and not even so much as a "CHEATER!" message. so, things are great and I am happy! Support With the cumulation of a multitude of different resources at your disposal for support, you won’t ever feel like you are alone. if you have a problem, say something and I guarantee someone can help you through it. Do some research because I am sure someone has already answered it, but rest assured that in my short experience here, everyone has been supportive. 10/10 Conclusion If you are on the fence of your first purchase, like i was. Look no further. This is an affordable starting point to get you into cheating in your first game, or your 100th. CSGO is free on steam so you can get started easily today. And with the ease and simplicity of this hack, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. Hi there, I'm currently playing Prime MM - Global Elite and I'm looking for a couple of legit / semi rage cheaters to play with. I'm tired of losing due to the enemy team having more (blatant) cheaters and due to my teammates being just bad. If you're interested write me a PM and I'll send you my steamprofile. Best Regards
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