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First day with Satan5

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Been on a recent tangent of trying out cheats, here is my honest review of Satan5:

Legitbot: Legitbot is 10/10, super customizable, one of the best recoil controls systems I've ever seen. Aim is very smooth, isn't snappy.

Menu: Menu is 10/10simple & compact menu, however the fact that you have to right click on the option itself (Where there is usually a dropdown) may be a minor inconvenience to someone who hasn't read up on the cheat completely, but that's their own fault. A dropdown box would be nice for the future, but this is a very minor complaint. Overall very good. 

Visuals: Visuals are 10/10simple & clean design, customizable to your liking. Not as many customizable options as other cheats, but these are small things that should be at the bottom of the priority list anyways. It gets the job done, does it well.

Rage/HvH: This cheat as of now doesn't qualify for a rating in this category. It's a legit cheat. While you can "Semi-rage" with this cheat, it is not what it's meant for. IF they do add HvH/Extended rage features, I would have high hopes, they know how to make one hell of a legitbot (Hell joke, get it?).

Miscellaneous: 10/10, things like Bhop, fakelag, etc., basically matches most other premium cheats in their misc section, nothing to complain about here.


Compared to plenty of other cheats I've used (Unsure if I'm able to list them) , this is probably the best current legitbot out there. I say "probably" because there are cheats I have yet to use. Super easy to configure, customizable, least snappy aimbot I've seen as of now. 


TL;DR: It's top notch for legit cheating, if you are on the fence about buying it, just buy it. (+ you get 7 days free via control panel!)

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