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My Review of Satan5

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Legit Aimbot: With most legit cheats I don't usually use the aimbot function since it's all really clunky but with Satan5, definitely the smoothest and feels really well made and easy to configure. 

Visuals: I usually have a lot of issues with ESP and Glow in other cheats but damn Satan5 one's is just simple and good as hell. Update's extremely fast and honestly speaking makes it way easier to aim.

Legit HVH: Nightmare BETA has definitely some solid HVH features and with proper use, you can definitely hold your own against other HVH cheats. Though definitely more to be desired, personally I would like for there to be a standalone build for HVH and one for legit cheating. 

Others: Skin Changer works well and very smooth, custom clantag is actually really stable and well made (surprised satan5 has this), bhop isn't 100% hop though but I think mileage will vary with this. The misc features all work well and polished, have rarely encountered any bugs.


Overall I'd give this a 9/10, if there was a separate build for HVH definitely would feel better about it but other than that awesome cheat and would definitely recommend to anyone.

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