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So I got the trial and played a few matches with the cheat and decided to make a little review. I'll probably buy it in november, just like I used to do with R3, since that's when I have time to be a real gamer™.

Overall: 9.5/10
Just like it was with R3: Satan5 is the best legit cheat you can get. An overall very good cheat. You have a lot of features & security for just 10 EUR/month.
@Sen66 is doing a really good job. Nice to see you guys back.

Aimbot: 9.5/10
The aimbot is really good. With the right settings you can easily own everyone. It has a lot of useful options to fine tune your settings. The new weapon config system is very intuitive and works as it should. You can set different settings for every individual weapon or for a range of them (rifles, pistols, snipers, etc).
The only thing I miss from R3 is the 'aim curve' feature. I believe it would help a lot in improving the overall legitness
I faced one issue at a game where my shots were going lower than where my crosshair was. My pitch was 0 but my shots were going in a lower angle. I had to restart the game for it to normalize. No idea what caused it. That was the only issue I had.

Visuals: 10/10
I really like the menu, very unique. Congratulations. As for the features, you have ESP, chams, item ESP, grenade helper, hitmarker, etc. You can also change the skybox & other things. Everything you need. You can also pick colors individually for chams, ESP things, etc.
The only feature it lacks imo is nightmode (I believe it got removed).

Misc: 10/10
Legit AA, bhop, thirdperson, autostrafe, autoaccept, custom clantag & name changer, etc. You literally have everything you need.
The only thing I miss from R3 is the different bhop modes: legit, ultra-legit & rage.

Staff: 10/10
Nice fellas.

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